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History of the castle

The earliest historical records mention that: "Hasso von Wedel, the first owner of Tuczno, took over the brick house of the Polish prince of Wielkopolska in the thirteenth century." – that time also marks the beginning of the castle’s history. The first brick and stone gothic house was erected on a square base surrounded by a thick brick wall, the east wing of the house devoted for residents. Located at the top of a steep hill, surrounded by the waters of two lakes and swamps on three sides, the castle was a well-defended fortress dominating over the town of Tuczno, and only later rebuilds gave the castle the image of an actual residence. Further history was hardly as kind to the castle, as it was destroyed twice. The first time in the first half of the 19th century, when ownership was changed several times. Later, during World War II, the castle was included as one of the links of part of the fortification complex “Pomeranian Wall” (Wał Pomorski). Following all the changes, the castle regained its beauty after restorations in 1976. Since then it has been cared for, by the Association of Polish Architects SARP.

Strolling along the paths trodden by the former owners of the castle and their guests, among the wonderful bird songs and melodies played through ancient trees, you can hear a loom and reel. While looking into the window of the highest tower, see a flashing, mysterious light. It might be the white lady reminding of her of her great, unhappy love. According to legend, many moons ago, one of the owners of the Tuczno castle took a woman of marvellous beauty for a wife. The young husband often was away and due to that, the young, beautiful wife had an affair with a young falconer. They met in one of the chambers in the eastern tower, where the lady told her loom and reel to be set up. One day, after returning to the castle, a hunt for was arranged in his honour. During the hunt, the young falconer was accidentally killed. The young lady's despair was endless. She locked herself in the room in the tower, not letting anyone come to her. Sadly, not long after, she was found dead. Apparently, she had killed herself by drinking poison. Since then, from time to time, the lonely sound of a reel can be heard from behind the closed door of the chamber in the tower. While a faded, flickering light can be noticed in the window. In the night you can meet two ghosts in the castle corridors: a young woman in white and a squire with a falcon clad in green hunting clothes...